LMS-POS is Liquor Store and Grocery Store Point of Sale System with Full inventory Control and Automated Lottery Inventory System.

The system is very powerful but easy to use for Liquor & Grocery Inventory with features like Tablet POS, Mobile Inventory, ID Authentication, Age Verification, Minimum Age Display/Alert for Age restricted items, No Sales Report, NVR Security Camera Integration, Sales Comparison, EBT and Store Gift Card, Mix & Match Discount, etc.

Lottery Management is built-in feature which tracks Lottery tickets, books, settlement and automatically reconcile Lottery sales which separates from Grocery or Liquor Sales. Any discrepancies in lottery during opening or closing is reported by e-mail alert.

Some of the features are :

  • Full Inventory Control of Liquor & Grocery items
  • Mobile Inventory to Receive, Physical Count, Price & Qty. adjustment
  • ID Scanner for Age Verification & ID Authentication
  • Group Edit of Liquor or Grocery Inventory by Category or Brand
  • Daily and Monthly automated Detail Sales Report email
  • Full Lottery Inventory with automated sales calculation
  • Tracks Tickets, Books & Lottery Settlement report
  • Automated E-Mail Alert of Lottery Decrepencies
  • EMV Credit Card Integration to any processor
  • DVR POS Data Integration
  • and more ... (click here for more details)

This POS is recommended for:

  • Liquor Store
  • Supermarket, Grocery Store and speciality store
  • Convenience Store
  • Retail Store 

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