Choosing a Security Camera system

Things to consider before choosing the type of Security camera system:

  1. What is my budget?
  2. How many days do I want to store the video clips.
  3. If you already have an existing system, what type of system it is?
  4. How clear you want to see the image and how important is that image.
  5. Which area is of higher priority then the other area to choose the camera from?
  6. How easy the system is to use when doing a play back and remote view from offsite.

IP cameras have increased in popularity over the years, with the clarity and quality of image they produce. IP camera systems are more expensive then the analog camera system. IP cameras themselves generally cost more. When designing IP camera system we have to consider different factors which are not that critical with designing the analog camera system. The first factor is we need a powerful computer as the IP camera is processed by the processor. The hard drive you need will be big in size as the image clip will be big as they are megapixels camera. Also you need more bandwidth internet to watch from remote location or your smart phone. Considering all these the cost of IP camera system is much higher then the analog camera system.

Now with the Geovision Company manufacturing the DVR card and its own brand of IP camera the solution has become easier and cost effective .We can use the hybrid DVR card and use analog cameras as well as IP cameras. This will help your budgeting for better quality camera system. There are Geovision systems with four, eight and sixteen channels where we can add the required analog camera and add some of IP cameras at critical location (Registers, entrance, exit) where the clarity of image is required.

If you need any help deciding which system to get and how to get and are in a state of confusion to decide, please feel free to contact us.

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