Liquor Store POS

LiquorPOS by Heartland and LMS-POS are both specially designed and developed for Liquor Stores.

They both are full rich of Liquor Store Features.

If you are unsure about which systems best fits in your budget and business needs, please contact us to recommend you.

Liquor Store

Beer and Wine Store


  • Full Liquor Inventory by Department, Category & Brand
  • User Friendly Setup - Reloaded 35,000 Items Database
  • Age Verification - Scan Driver's License 
  • Integrated EMV Chip Credit Card Processing
  • Flexible Discounting options
  • Bottle Deposit
  • Easy Case Breakage into 6-Packs and Single
  • Automatic Purchase Order - Par Level
  • Enterprise Reporting & Management
  • Employee Accountability
  • Great Visibility for Smarter Management
  • Customer Rewards
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Weighted Item Price Calculations
  • Easy Group Edit
  • Fully Loaded Frequent Buyer Program
  • Sales Comparison between two time periods
  • Unlimited Technical Support and software upgrade for life

Liquor Store, Beer  & Wine

Grocery, Convenience or Retail Store

Lottery Agent - Selling State Lottery

  • Full Liquor & Grocery inventory by Department, Category & Brand
  • Automated Lottery Inventory Control System
  • Tracks Lottery Tickets and Books - Calculates the total sales
  • Items Categorized by Departments, Category and Brand
  • Mobile Phone Inventory - Product Receive, Count & Price Adjust
  • Easy Group Edit by Category or Brand
  • Automated Database Backup & E-Mail Daily/Monthly Report
  • Age Verification & Driver's License Authentication (Fake/Genuine)
  • Easy Bottle Deposit and Bottle Return
  • Payout to Vendors & Lottery Pay out
  • Automated Purchase Order and PAR Level Set up
  • Delete, Void and No Sales Cash Drawer Reports
  • Barcode Label Printing for products and Shelves
  • Flexible Discounts and Coupons
  • Detail product Sales History for reorder management
  • Liquor or Grocery Sales separates from Lottery Sales & Payout
  • Integrated EMV Credit Chip Card Processing & Gift Cards
  • Unlimited Technical Support and software upgrade for life

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